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Do you love caring for people, does Nursing as a career tug at your heart?

Have you been placed in a nursing situation looking after a family member or friend and need support information?

Would you like information on how to train as a nurse in South Africa?

This site is here as a support, but in no way is meant to give medical advice, which can only be given by a medical practitioner. Always consult a medical practitioner first, especially when you are unsure. Self medication without a correct diagnosis can be dangerous and even life threatening. 






The Nurse's Role

The Nurses role is 2 part, namely the clinical role and the patient experience.

As a nurse you are the closest person to the bedside, spending the most time at the patients bedside and thus becom the spokesperson to the other medical professionals and family when the patient cannot speak for themselves. 

Nurses wear many different hats, This means that you are the person that might bring a bedpan, help the patient when they vomit, help them get comfortable in the bed. At all times, it is the Nurses role to respect and look after the patient's needs, (not the nurses comfort). 

The nurse's role might include:

  • Giving correct medication
  • Ensuring the patient can get a good nights sleep
  • Assist with hygiene and bodily functions
  • Identifying risks such as potential for bed sores / pressure ulcers; falling; 
  • Nursing care plan in hospital and also once discharged
  • Right meds, right care




 Nursing information, encouragement, support, training

iNurse South Africa is a website for nurses, and nursing aids, where you are important, are cared for and are supported. Information on the site is for your benefit, safety as well as helping us as nurses to ensure patient safety. 

If you have not trained as a nurse, but are the carer for a family member or friend then this site could help with information. It is important to understand that nurses do not give medical diagnosis and there are strict regulations regarding the handing out of medication to others which has not been prescribed, and medication that has been prescribed is given carefully and according to prescription only. 

Nursing in South Africa can be rewarding, and satisfying. There are hundreds of roles nurses in South Africa play, whether in a hospital, primary health care center, ICU retirement village in nursing education or at home as a support for your home. Nurses fulfill a very important role in society and iNurse is to help you be inspired as a care giver in a country where care and love can make such a difference.

Nursing is about caring for the people and patients around us. Training in the correct institution gives a solid knowledge of how to care for patients, preventing risk for the patient and for yourself, and making the most of what you have been given to reach others. 



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This site in no way substitutes medical advice given by a
medical practitioner and is meant as supporting information only.
The information is not intended for harm, to be seen as diagnosis,
or treatment but is infomrational only. Harm may result in ignoring medical
help and treatment, or in the neglecting of the medical treatment given/suggested
to you by your medical practitioner. The staff of the website intend the information
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and do not endorse self medication or ignoring medical advice.