Bacterial inflammatory infection which affects women who are sexually active. Not seen as an STD, it is important to identify and treat due to the complications, and because it can increase the risk of STD's.


Overgrowth of bacteria in the vagina of bacteria which are normally found there. Women who have never had sex rarely get Bacterial Vaginosus. There is a distrubance in the pH balance which increases growth of the bacteria. 


  • There is not a specfic cause, but instances are higher in sexually active women, 
  • Ladies that douche
  • Ladies with multiple sexual partners


  • Low birth weight of the infant
  • Increases risk of being infected with HIV, especially if having multiple sexual partners
  • Increases chance of contracting other STD's
  • Prenature birth if you are pregnant

Signs and symptoms

  • Pain, itching or burning in the vagina
  • Strong like like smeel, this is worse after sex
  • Itching around or inside the bagina
  • Thin white or gray vaginal discharge



  • Abstinence
  • Limit sexual partners
  • void douching
  • Using condoms correctly


Bacterial vaginsos is treatable, please see a medical professional if you are concerned, earlier rather than later!.

Antibiotics as prescribed by a medical professional

Bacterial Vaginosus








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