Corona Virus - Covid 19


Caused by coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, the Covid 19 virus is transmitted by droplets, person-to–person and may remain viable for hours to days on surfaces

According to the CDC, higher risk persons are any with a reduced immunity: 

Older adults

Persons with chronic conditions eg Diabetes

Lung Disease

Heart Disease

Immune depressed



Persons at risk should avoid travel, crowds and take precautions Phone the Dr and alert them before you see them so that proper precautions can be taken

Persons who suspect they have been infected or in contact with the virus or confirmed to have the virus should stay in self – isolation or according to Dr’s prescription and as the symptoms dictate

  • Suggested preparation for being at home are:


Symptoms: 2 – 14 days after exposure

  • Fever
  • Dry Cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Fever like symtpoms which can include energy loss, muscle pain


Emergency signs according to the CDC official website. Consult medical counsel immediately if you have:

  • Breathing difficulty or shortness of breath
  • Persistent pain or pressure in the chest
  • New confusion or inability to arouse
  • Bluish lips or face



Other bug avoidance procedures which could be useful for the workplace or home, especially for higher risk times....

Please only use your/one cup/mug and wash it out yourself to avoid sharing the bugs. Sharing aint caring in this instance :)

Keep the mug in a separate place, not in the kitchen eg your desk and use one set of crockery/knives and forks for lunch/eating.

  • These are set separately to be sterilised before going back into circulation.
  • These need to be washed with JIK and soaked in boiling water for 5 minutes
  • Jik or simlar strength product needs to be washed off very well, as it can cause thrush if not removed totally - if you get thrush, consult the pharmacist or dr for a gel to help get rid of the thrush (presents as white and sore tongue)
  • Please use own 1 plate which get set aside for your use only, to avoid sharing these items.
  • Please set these aside for soaking in boiling water.  PLEASE BE careful with boiling water esp around animals and children
  • Rather shake hands dry – avoid sharing hand towels.Take care not to create a wet floor and slip causing a head injury.......
  • If people around you are coughing/sneezing, cover your eyes, nose, mouth
  • Don’t share cell phones, wash work phones with disinfectant daily and in between users
  • Door handles need to be disinfected daily  and avoid use if possible! Toilet handles the same, but please use these as necessary!
  • Keep a 3m/talking distance between people
  • Use online latforms rather than visiting offices/banks institutions
  • Refrain from using public facilities such as gyms, sports areas etc. 




Please note this this article is working on suggested ideas and current information, it in no way replaces medical opinion or diagnosis

PUi-form (Persons under investigation)

I’m tested positive, now what:

  • Seek medical advice, first phone the consulting rooms to follow proper procedure
  • Stay home if the Dr / physician says it is ok and treat your symptoms
  • Isolate yourself as much as possible from persons in the home, spray with teat tree, antiseptic spray etc. Persons in the house are also under quarantine, but need to stay in a different area to the affected persons
  • Use separate bathrooms
  • Limit contact with animals , wash hands before or after working with them.
  • Let the people you were in contact with know you are positive so that they can quarantine themselves
  • Where a facemask
  • Follow the hygiene points below – ie wash hands, hand sanitizer, don’t touch your hands and face
  • Disinfect surfaces, clothes and towels
  • Treating Fevers
  • According to sources, use Paracetomol rather than anti-inflammatories which have a depressive effect on the immune system
  • Drink fluids, especially those with high vit C
  • Avoid sugary drinks nad food which feed infections
  • Use cold compresses, ice water

If you use any medication, it is paramount that you consult a physician about any medications you are taking. Any changes need to be assessed by a medical physician only.








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