Sexually transmitted disease caused by a bacteria Nesisseria Gonorrhea. Also known as the "Clap"

Gonorrhea has become more resistant to antibiotics over time and is one of the more common STD infections.

Affect men and women, it causes infections in the genitals, rectum, throat.



Sexual encounter - Vaginal, orla (resulting in throat infection) and anal (rectal infection)



  • Abstinence
  • Know your partner's status, avoid encounter with someon who has an STD
  • Avoid sexual encounters with multiple partners. Being in a ling term monogomous relationship is safer. 
  • Get tested if you are not sure of your partners status and have had more than one encounter
  • Use condoms


Transmission to newborn during delivery 

Untreated Gonorrhea can lead to:

PID (pelvic inflammatory disease)

Ectopic pregnancy caused by the formation of scar tissue


Long term abdominal /pelvic pain

Sterility for men

Increases  risk of HIV


Signs and Symptoms:


Dysuria - painful urination

Painful / swollen testicles

White, yellow of green discharge from the penis



Can be asymptomatic

Dysuria - painful urination

Vaginal discharge

Vaginal bleeding between periods not relate to other medical issues


Rectal infecions: 


Anal itching



Painful bowel movements


Please note that symptooms and diagnosis need to be done by a medical professional, as there are some symptoms which are also present in non-STD related areas, which will be aggravted by antibiotics eg Candida.



After finishing the anitbiotics / treatment, you need to wait for 7 days before having sex again to avoid being reinfected or infecting someon else. 

Treatmetn does not prevent reinfection

Treatment is an antibiotice called Ceftriaxone by injection

Zithrox (Arithromycin) tablets










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