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Online Learner Management System software can be bought as individual modules and also be intergrated into a central Learner Management process, this LMS software is a great online tool which can be accessed by students wherever they are as long as there is internet connection being mobi friendly

Training material added can be interactive, with assessments scattered between the material to promote ongoing learning. Modules can be personalised up to a point with the college logo, college colours etc, and each user and learner gets their own unique login. 

A Learner Management System administrator has a different avenue to access the material, whereby they can load new courses, assessments and students, while the students has their own portal allowing them to access their material and courses which have been assigned to them. 

Administrators (Lectureres) can access the individual student as well as the whole class for marks reports etc. Students can also move between branches while keeping their records, as well as taking a gap year if need be, while keeping their profile available. 

The Online Learner Management System software includes:

  • Adding Training maerial (Edtrain)
  • Adding online assessments (Eduasses)
  • Tracking student finances and payments (Edufin)
  • Book calendar events and training venues (Educlass)
  • Student portal (Educenter)
  • Student contact details and SANC numbers
  • Marks, reports, enrollments track students (Edulearn)


Online training material for nurses. Add Pdfs, Power Points, Videos, Chat rooms.

Mobi friendly, easy to use, certifactes and gamification

Online training material is added as slides which are worked through, as pdfs which can be downloaded, power points for nursing educators and senior students needing to start giving the nursing training. This means that nurses have access anywhere, anytime to training material that is needed at work. Material can be loaded as eBooks provdided the books are per chapter and not too large for the student to download. Training is tracked according to the number of slides they have gone through, and user friendly navigation helps them manouvre through the lessons. 

Edutrain online learning can be used alone or as a part of classroom training. 


  • Online assessments
  • Tests /quiz/exam
  • Time bound or not
  • Auto marked and lecturer marked assessments

The EduAssess module contains the assessments that are done by students. The administrators can add or take away assessments, the assessments can be timed or not, and has the ability to determine whether the student can move between questions and have multiple tries. Nursing assessments can also used as general upkeep where the students can navigate between questions, see where they went wrong and implement changes and are added into the relevant training material. Tracking of assessments is done through percentages, or Competent /Highly Compentent / Not Yet Competent.


  • Reports
  • Track marks
  • Enrollments on various courses

Students enrollments onto various courses,  draw student reports, track marks and keep records or practicals handed in. 



Student Online Attendance:

Keep online track of student attendance at classes and practicals to ensure hours are completed for final qualifications. Link class attendance to final reports, view hours completed for the course. 

Student Contact Details Records:

Students are loaded and contact details kept without having to find the lost paper work. Students are loaded once, and can be enrolled repeatedly onto the courses they need to attend. Keep their student and SANC number on record with easy online access.


Needing to track student payments? The online financial tracking software, shows the amount paid, amount outstanding, and allows access to content according to updated payments. 






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