Metabolic syndrome




Also known as syndrome x, metabolic syndrome is a term used for a few conditions simultaneously occurring, which increase the risk of hear disease, strokes and diabetes. South Africa has a high risk of fatalities linked to strokes and heart disease (WHO organisation reports)

The conditions associated with metabolic syndrome are:

  • High blood pressure
  • High blood sugar and/or insulin resistance
  • Accumulated body fat around the waist area
  • Irregular cholesterol levels


Diagnosis of metabolic syndrome:

A group of indicators are used to measure metabolic syndrome. 3 of the 5 indicators indicate metabolic syndrome. Any medication/ drugs targeting one of these marks this as a positive even if the value measures below the cut-off.

  • Waist circumference Men 102 cm or more
  • Women 88 cm or more
  • HDL cholesterol Men less 1.0 mmol/l
  • Women less 1.2 mmol/l
  • Triglycerides More than 1.7 mmol/l
  • Blood pressure More than 130 / 85 mmHg
  • Fasting Glucose Higher than 5.6

 Metabolic syndrome is chronic condition and each aspect needs to be treated. It is not a curable "disease" but a condition that requires life-style changes and constant observance. 


Treatment of metabolic syndrome:

  • Eat better
  • Exercise more
  • Evaluate – weight, blood pressure checksLose weight


How do I do this practically?

Easy to say, but his might be difficult to do!!!

Eating better means making sure you have a diet with a good vegetable: protein : starch balance, where processed food is taken out. There is no such thing as one diet fits all, but if God made it, it is healthier to eat it. 



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