What is iExpo? 

iExpo is an online expo platform built to give real networking with other business persons, attending conferences with no mess, no fuss. on the iExpo platform you will be able to book conferences, host a conference, and order products using the iExpo Portal


iExpo membership options:

 VIP iExpo member, you will get discounts on all expos held through the iExpo portal. VIP memebrship gives access to:

  • Special products
  • Events
  • Meetings

Opening Special: Liftime VIP membership for R1200

Normal price is R1200 per year. 


Premium Membership 

  • Sophisticated networking to other VIP or Premuim members.
  • Premium Membership to the iExpo portal is for Executives only

Opening special for Premium Membership R5000 once-off for life-time membership for the first 100 Signups.

 What if I refer other Members to the iExpo portal?

Refer another members and earn 1% commission on items bought from (through) the iExpo store for one year.

With ongoing VIP membership to iExpo, you will continue to receive 1% commission

For more information go to iExpo.co.za








On the iExpo site:


iExpo has been designed by Intoweb, an IT company proven as a specialist in online intranets an software. Now all this technology is available on the iExpo  site, 

For your conference, Memebrs can visit different areas in the conference venues and select the conference auitorium of their choice. Network with other members   

Add your brochure 

Add real time seminars, or video material relevant to your area of interest



Thankyou to iExpo for sponsoring this page.








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